Monday, September 6, 2010

Using the Force

In the Old Republic, the jedi used the force for everything. Really, everything. It's all over the place. They use it when talking with people, when piloting, when freaking eating. Thus, I've decided to do away with any stats outside of force stats. Anything a jedi does will use the force.

Instead of creating a spell list type index of all the ways a jedi might manifest his power, I'm taking a page from more open magic systems like Mage and Ars Magica and creating an open framework that can be used to create force effects on the fly. I'll be broad here, since simplicity and speed are the orders of the day. Creating something with a lot of detail that takes time to figure out would slow down the action, and that goes counter to one of the design goals.

Taking a quick sampling of the force powers shown in the prequels gives me a pretty good idea of the things the jedi do with the force, and they tend to be just a few tricks. Bonus: going light on the detail won't make anything shown in the films impossible.

I'm thinking of three pairs of scores: Sense/Action, Self/Other, Mind/Body. To perform an action with the force, the jedi defines it with one score from each pair, adds up the scores to get his pool and rolls his dice. Using this mechanic, you can recreate anything shown on the big screen in no time.

Oh yeah, dice. I should probably work out how those work....

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