Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fodder

If you're not a jedi, you don't really matter. Let's face it, the prequels were stuffed to the gills with hordes designed to be ripped apart by ascetics with glowing swords. Thus, non-jedi need some mook rules.

What I'm thinking is that mooks have a target 1 - 5, just like any standard task .That's the target for jedi to affect them, whether it's to tell them to look for other droids or to shove them with the force. This target also determines how easy it is for jedi to reflect their blaster fire, because they always use blasters, and jedi will always try to deflect them.

So if the mooks have a target lower than the jedi's rank (some number associated with their title, let's call it 2/4/6 for padawan, knight, and master), the jedi automatically deflects the bolt and does 1 point of damage per point of difference between his rank and the mook's target.

If they're equal, the jedi needs to make a technique check with a target of 3 (roughly even odds). Any success deflects the blaster bolts, but if he rolls a number of 6s equal to the mooks' target, he does a point of damage too.

If the mooks have a greater target than the jedi's rank things get harder. Now it's like a duel. The jedi needs to roll technique and track his speed. Mooks don't roll dice. Instead they gain a number of technique successes equal to their target, and they do damage equal to their target with every attack. They don't track speed either; they can just keep blazing away, but jedi can still mount momentum and eventually pull a reversal, thus attacking the mooks.

In all cases, 1 point of damage drops a mook, but since they appear in swarms, a squad should last a little while. Not too long though. They are mooks, after all.

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