Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Attack

I watched all the fight scenes from the prequels in order to make a catalog of maneuvers jedi used with their lightsabers. I was surprised to find there weren't that many. Most of them just used a small collection of moves over and over again, at high speed. So I made a list of these and made them available to all jedi.

You don't get to use all of them all the time though. Instead, at the top of the round (which I'm calling an exchange), you roll your skill with a lightsaber. The number of successes you get determines how many techniques are available to you this exchange. Roll well, and you've got yourself a wide variety of options. Even if you fail utterly though, you'll have your basic slashing attack. Jedi love that one so much that you can always do that. 

Sounds like I'm adding rolls to combat instead of taking them away, doesn't it? Who makes someone roll just to see what kind of attacks they can make? There's an important detail I haven't mentioned yet though: that's the only roll of the exchange. Once you figure out what techniques you can use, you're done with dice. There's no to hit roll. All attacks hit, unless your opponent defends. How often do you see jedi whiff in the movies? You don't They'd always hit, except they're blocked. That's how this works too. 

So when you square off against another jedi, both of you roll your technique. The one who rolls higher gets to be the aggressor, which means the other guy needs to defend himself. The aggressor beats on the defender until he penetrates his defenses and lands a blow, or until the defender turns the tables on him, and all of this happens without dice. I'll get to the defender next though.

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