Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Alternate Take on Getting Bloody

The other thing that my playtesters for this new game hated was the wounding mechanics. One of them struggled mightily to understand how bloodying Hope points worked, especially the half bloodied points. He eventually got angry over the matter and began suggesting a return to hit points because they were simple and easy to grasp. Everyone eventually got it, but few liked it.

So, in the interest of simplicity, I'm chucking chips as a tracking tool. They're gone. The introduction of ideals into the game gets rid of the need to track dice and points separately, so we can just put a pool of dice in front of each player and they'll grab additional d10s for rolling with their ideals as needed.

But a return to an all dice tracking method brings us back to that issue of half-bloodied hope dice, doesn't it? It would, except I'm getting rid of that too. Now, a die is either clean, bloody, or bruised. None of this half stuff. Now it takes 2 points of damage to bloody a hope die and 1 point to bloody a destiny die. If you've got an odd point and no destiny dice available to take the damage, you ignore the hit. This removes the confusion of having chips AND dice and puts the tracking all in one place.

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