Monday, August 9, 2010

The New, Even Lighter SR System

With Shadowitz largely complete (there's a little more development detail as I flesh out the notes into something fuller), but the next game on the distant horizon, I'm left with a lot of gaming energy sitting around unused. I have the opportunity to run a pickup game every now and again, but nothing regular. Besides, I've got a regular game, it's just, well, irregular right now.

So while I search for the social calendar version of a fiber supplement to get my game back on track, I engaged in a mental doodle of sorts: I designed another version of Shadowrun. Which brings me to this series of posts. The goal this time around was to create something so simple that people could pick up and play at a moment's notice. Shadowitz is simple, especially compared to some of the crunchier systems out there, but it still takes a while to pick up and go, especially when you take all the various gear options into account. That's all well and good for a dedicated campaign, but for a random "Hey, we're not doing anything. Wanna game?" setup, it's too much.

That's what I set out to address with this system, and while untested, I do believe I'm there. So, I'll be detailing what I've come up with in the next few posts.

For any interested in the original Shadowitz system, yes, I still plan on putting up the rules. I think it's a solid system and would love to see it get some use. It's become quite popular among my crew, and if I can give it multiple homes, that would be a great thing.

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