Monday, August 23, 2010

The Extras, part 3: Adept Powers

The simplest solution to handle adept powers would be to make them qualities, but despite my desire to keep this game simple, I did want to make the different character types different. Since I already used qualities for cyberware, I went looking for something else for adept powers.

I borrowed from Swashbuckers of the 7 Skies and introduced techniques: little boosts that aren't qualities themselves but provide bonuses to your actions under specific situations. Like everything else in FTD, I gave adeps 1 quality per rank in the appropriate Runner Type.

The difference between these techniques and the additional qualities that the other characters have is that these techniques don't provide any flat bonuses like qualities do, but instead make existing qualities better by adding dice to the roll (but the adept's still got to discard all but 2). It's perhaps a little bit of an academic difference, but again, I'm not sweating the details here.

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