Monday, March 21, 2011

Gear Revisited

In working through the book I wrote, I now find myself at the gear chapter. In the original version, gear granted bonus effort points, so the easy thing is to translate that into dice, probably d6s. d10s should be the realm of destiny and character sacrifice; granting it for anything else cheapens that choice.

But now we're back to these semi-crappy dice that become increasingly irrelevant as the game progresses. I didn't like it with skills, and I don't like it with gear.

Instead, gear is going to grant a free talent bonus in certain situations. So when you're in the proper melee range for a weapon (yeah, I'm keeping melee range; just made that decision) the weapon will let you reroll 1s toward certain ends. Armor can stay pretty much as it is, blocking incoming damage. Shields will be like weapons, giving talent bonuses to defensive rolls.

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