Thursday, March 3, 2011

Basic Resolution, Again

We already know that a character has a pool, which is made up of Hope and Destiny. Now we've got to put dice to that.

In the interest of keeping things fast and simple, I'm setting a single TN of 5. Roll your dice and look for 5s or better. Gather them, count them up, and see if you got enough to beat the challenge of the test. This lets me preserve the challenge difficulties I wrote up for the diceless version (though I might need to drop them a little, since resulting effort will be smaller now that some dice will fail).

Since Hope dice are supposed to be decent, but not great, for performing actions, let's call them d6s, while Destiny dice are d10s. Destiny Creep can remain exactly as it stood in the diceless version, with each roll of a d10 adding one to the Creep meter.

In addition to making destiny dice d10s, however, there needs to be some other incentive for using them. In the diceless version of the game, you could amass much more effort through the use of destiny because each point gave you 2 effort. With a d10, you've got a better chance of scoring 1 effort. In reality, you're going to wind up with roughly half the destiny you roll turning up as successes. There needs to be something more.

So for now, while Hope is measured in dice, Destiny is in points. Spend points from your pool to get d10s, at a rate of 1:1 1/2. I'm also going to set up special "break points," probably every 3 points, that give you a special bonus to your pool when you spend that much Destiny at once. The ideas are still sketchy, but I'm thinking of granting exploding dice for certain numbers, which drop with more expenditure, thus allowing for even more successes and thus granting more incentive for spending big on Destiny.

In application, the dice version of this game is pretty similar to the diceless one, with one additional step. You allocate dice from your Pool to your various actions, just like before. Now, however, once you have your various effort pools, you roll them and look at the successes each generated.

Skills give you 1d6 per point of skill, giving you additional dice, but nothing compared to what a high Destiny score offers. Stats still offer automatic successes, but only once per exchange, not once per effort pool.

Seems simple enough so far. Maybe this conversion won't be too complicated. Fingers crossed.....

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