Monday, October 4, 2010

Team Condition

Last time I talked about the plot editing powers of teams, and in so doing mentioned spending edge. Each team has its own edge pool independent of individual character edge, and it's that team edge that powers plot editing powers. You can get team edge in two ways:

Buy It
The simplest method is to buy team edge with your own personal edge. For every point of edge that every single member of the team invests, you get one point of team edge. Like spending experience to increase team abilities, this cost must be paid by everyone on the team in order for you to get the benefit; it's a collective resource.

Compel the Condition
Don't feel like giving away your edge? That's okay. There's another method, but it's going to hurt. Every team has a condition monitor of sorts. Teams don't take damage like characters do, but they can get banged up and frayed around the edges. A team's condition monitor is a 5 step ladder, with each rung hitting all members with harsher operating penalties. As a team, you can voluntarily take a hit and move one step down this ladder. For each step you take, you gain one point of team edge, but then you're saddled with the penalties until you can resolve the situation that comes with it.

Let's return to our lovable Street Trash team. Street Trash runners tend to be in trouble, so much so that when something goes wrong, people look at them as probable suspects. As the team's condition worsens, those around them pull away, not wanting to be associated with the team while the heat is high. Team members find themselves being grabbed by security forces for questioning in events they had nothing to do with, syndicate enforcers begin looking at the team members and making veiled threats, and eventually all the team's contacts dry up as people hide from the trouble that follows the team around.

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