Friday, October 15, 2010

At Long Last

My gaming group has been using the Shadowitz rule system for a while now. Play's been a little intermittent, but we've been at this long enough that most people know what they're doing, and since I distributed the book to them, there's even been some more questions about how they might flex methods in situations. But at the close of last session, someone said something to me that I hadn't expected.

"If it's cool with you, I want to read through the book and redesign my character."

It's about time. I put that offer out there a month ago. Now, finally, it looks like there will be some ground up character building from scratch by someone other than me. Until now, everyone's played with the characters I gave them. It worked out that way because Shadowitz was still a system in development and I didn't have any rules material to distribute to people. Thus I was the only one equipped to create a character. So I took their characters from prior systems and remade them in this one so they'd have something to use while we put the other mechanics to the test.

This also means, however, that their character sheets are a little out of date when compared to the present day rule book. Some of the adept powers on their sheets don't work the same way they used to, some of the terminology is old (killer as opposed to razor, for example), and I included some small cosmetic upgrades to the sheets like numbering the wound boxes on the damage track, which their sheets lack.

I'm breaking out the headache meds even as I look forward to seeing what comes of this. When I made characters, I worked within the frameworks I created because, well, I created them. Now, with others toying with, pushing, and even trying to break the system, there's going to be a lot of wrangling, I'm sure. Overall though, I look forward to this. As long as most the requests aren't too ridiculous (and some will be, so it's a question of keeping them in proportion with the more reasonable stuff) this should be an excellent test of the chargen rules. Who knows? Maybe another revision for the better will come of it. We'll see.

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