Monday, May 3, 2010

Methods, part 2

Last post I talked about ditching attributes in favor of broader categories called methods, but I'm still left with the same problem of expanding die pools. Or, rather, I was. Then I read Wushu, and ran across a mechanic I thought dovetailed perfectly with methods as I've defined them.

So now, methods run from 1-5, and any die that rolls equal to the method or under is a success. This means methods play a significant role in representing competence without inflating the die pool. Your skill will give you the number of dice to roll, and your method will determine what number is a success. While this introduces a little variance in terms of target number, it seems pretty easy to learn and remember.

I'm quite enamored with this solution. So much so that I'm prepared to move on to skills and consider this done for the moment.

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