Friday, May 7, 2010

First Playtest

My group finished up an adventure with time to spare for the evening, so I asked them to indulge me and try out the bare bones of the system I'm putting together. If you've been following my progress, you know I had no rules for augmentation, spellcasting, or even combat and wounding. All I had was basic die resolution. But hey, if the dice themselves have significant problems, best to learn that now than after I create the rest of the system, right?

I explained to them how methods worked, then gave them all 3x5 cards and asked them to make characters. I used point buy for methods, ripped straight out of Wilderness of Mirrors, and Fate's skill pyramid. For skills, I tossed them the GM screen and said to pick whatever they liked.

I didn't have a scenario planned, so I borrowed another aspect of Wilderness of Mirrors and had them come up with the run and all its details on the fly.

Results of the playtest?
  • Contacts as an attribute was fantastic
  • Die system is very easy to learn
  • Interplay of method and skill rating is interesting and effective
  • Shadowrun's skill list isn't a good one for this system; I need to make my own tailored to my mechanics
All in all, they liked what they saw, but more work is required. Still, off to a good start.

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