Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is This?

This blog is an outgrowth of my inability to leave RPGs alone. Rarely do I run them as is. In particular is the game Shadowrun, which I fell in love with in college and have been trying to run ever since. There was a problem though.

I couldn't stand the rules.

I tried everything, from really buckling down and studying them until my brain bled (really, it did), to modifying them, to exporting the game world into other systems I thought would work better. Sometimes it made things a little easier, but never did it hit bullseye.

Eventually I stumbled across some articles by the esteemed game developer John Wick, who noted once that you'll never make the game you're looking for by modifying someone else's work. You've got to do it yourself. So, in taking that advice, I set out to create my own rules system for Shadowrun, whole cloth.

This blog is a record of that attempt.

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  1. I ruin his games.
    But not this one.
    You should read this.
    It will be good.
    This is all.