Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Day: The Specs

Another Day is another game I started working on by request. It was put out as something of a lark, but given that I've been able to get zero in the way of playtesting for Heroes of Destiny in a while, I figured I'd take the time to put together the rough draft of this. I did promise it, after all, even if the description didn't sound like something I wanted to play.

What I wound up doing was taking that description as a challenge. Take something that sounded tedious and make it fun, as I'd define it, while still meeting all the requested design specifications. What were they? So glad you asked.
  • Old school feel
  • Post apocalyptic
  • Involved, perhaps even complicated character mechanics
  • Simple resolution mechanics
  • Make hit location important so you can have piecemeal armor matter
  • Gear must degrade
  • Make the game about survival, not heroics; you play to see how long you survive, not to see who you can save or what you can accomplish
  • Gear must be detail oriented, with ammunition specific to certain firearms
  • Fly fishing must be a part of the game
Not my kind of thing at all. But one weekend I decided to sit down with a notebook and see what I could do with it. I'll show you what I came up with in future posts.

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