Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adding Dice

I got a rough draft of the entire Heroes of Destiny manuscript together and mailed it out to my friend. He got it, and a few days later wrote me back to tell me it looked great and that he couldn't wait to give it a run sometime and try it out. I smiled, dusted my hands, and prepared to sit back. Job well done.

A few hours later, I get an IM with a few questions about the mechanics, which culminates in: "Honestly man, I think I just like dice."

Well, okay then. Heroes of Destiny isn't going to be diceless after all. I guess it's a complete, or nearly complete game as it is, but development work continues, because this was a design by request, and it flew wide of the mark on the first shot. Dice it is. It was originally going to have dice and I stripped them out in order to make things simpler. I wonder, with everything I learned by building up the rest of the system, can I work dice back in without over-complicating things?

Guess we're about to find out.

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  1. I know what he means about dice. There's just something about the feel of them in your hand that makes the game you're playing feel more solid, I guess. I always get a surprised look from my players whenever I tell them they don't need to roll to do something.

    "I'm gonna roll [insert skill here] to tie the rope."

    "You're an adventurer; you know how to tie a rope. No need to roll."

    "Oh! Uh...I tie the rope."