Thursday, January 20, 2011

Destiny Creep

We've now established how to bid points from your Pool to accomplish things, and gone over the options available to you for managing both your Hope and your Destiny. But there's one other aspect to the interplay between these two scores that's essential to playing Heroes of Destiny.

Your Pool begins with a Hope of 9 and a Destiny of 1 (remember, your Pool always equals 10). Right now you're probably thinking that Destiny sounds so much cooler than Hope. It's not limited by skills, it gets a better effort exchange rate, basically it's just the point kind to pick whenever you want to do anything worth talking about. So, the natural question is: how do I get my Destiny rating up?

As it turns out, it's pretty easy. Just spend your Destiny points. Really, that's it. The more you use Destiny the higher it gets. It's called Destiny Creep. During each session you track the most Destiny points you used in a single exchange. At the end of the session you add that number to your Destiny Creep. When that equals 5x your current Destiny score, your Destiny goes up by 1. It's that easy.

But remember, your Pool always equals 10, so every increase in Destiny means a decrease in Hope. And every point in Hope is tied to a hope near and dear to your character. That means that as your character climbs the ladder to becoming a legend, he loses ties to his hopes for a simple life. This doesn't doom everything he cares about to fire and pain, but it does mean his chances of having these things in the end fade away. They might be destroyed, or his relationship with them might simply fade.

In the end, every time you spend Destiny, you are actively making the decision to turn your character's back on those things he loves most in life. He's placing something heroic and noble above his wife, children, siblings, friends, and whatever else you put on that sheet. There's a price associated with being a hero, and by spending Destiny, your character has decided to pay it.

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