Monday, July 19, 2010

Money Note

We completed our mission last session, and I'd handed out advancement rules at the end, so people turned to buying things. In addition to buying increases with karma, there was ever the gear discussion. I described earlier how I changed money to get rid of some of the accounting that takes place in game, and we faced the first real test of this about a week after the session described in the last post.

"Hey Cliff, I got a question about Icelady."
This is a contact they made in the process of a run. "Yes?"
"Do we still get the 50% discount when we buy from her?"

Huh. Players remember the craziest things. Icelady hasn't been mentioned in months. As in a lot of months. But now, after we stop tracking nuyen, they invoke the discount.

How to deal with this? They wanted to just half the cost of anything they bought from her before determining if they needed to make a roll, but that struck me as far too generous. After all, without making a roll, you can walk away with a ton of stuff for free. Now maybe that means that the system's broken, but I wanted to try something different.

So instead I made Icelady an aspect for the characters that can be invoked to gain a bonus on resources rolls when buying through her. This got a "I LIKE that!" response, and got them talking about how specific contacts they'd tried to cultivate in the past could be made into aspects for all sorts of things.

2 games in and it's starting to all come together. They're picking up the system and beginning to play with it on their own. This is where the real fun begins.

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